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New Collection


Every print is a unique work of art, individually signed by the artist and marked with a numbered watermark to signify its place in a limited edition collection.


Each print produced on acid-free Epson brand archival watercolor paper. To add depth and dimension, we apply a second layer of printed acetate, using premium "ecotank" inks. This process elevates each print into a realm of its own, giving it an ethereal quality that captivates the viewer.

The Art of
Le Chat

A Canvas Woven with International Influence

I am more than an artist; I am an international storyteller. My canvas is a diverse tapestry, carefully woven from the rich threads of my heritage spanning Cuba, Sicily, Russia, and the USA. My artistic journey has taken me across the globe, immersing me in the vibrant cultures of Japan, Russia, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, Taiwan, and Europe. These collective experiences have forged the essence of my art. Presently, my creative studio straddles the realms of Florida and Istanbul, where I seamlessly blend the nuances of Russia and Europe with the enchantment of Asia.

A Brush with Japan: Shaping My Artistic Path

Japan, the land of the rising sun, cast its transformative spell on me during the dynamic 80s and 90s. It was here that I donned various hats - from video artist to concert stage designer, music producer, music video director, and the creative force behind live fashion shows, concerts, and interactive video projects. Collaborating with exceptional Japanese talents and esteemed corporations such as Issey Miyake, EPO, Southern Allstars, Yukihiro Takahashi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Pioneer Interactive Media, I drew inspiration and honed my craft. The energy of Japan's iconic events and clubs also played an instrumental role in molding my artistic style and vision.

La Chats" Series: Nostalgia and Fragmented Narratives

Inspired by the endearing figure of "La Chat," I have embarked on a creative odyssey to transform it into a collection of captivating narratives. The "La Chats" series is a testament to the current collection of unique prints, each capturing fragments of my personal history - from childhood adventures to adult experiences. Through the fusion of graphics, text, and culturally significant images, these prints become a canvas for my thoughts and emotions. They embrace primary colors symbolizing innocence and diverse forms. With a graphic style that transcends the visual, my aim is to stir nostalgia in the hearts of viewers. Unconventional expressions of affection, such as juxtaposing "I love you" with the stark imagery of a "GUN," invite contemplation and provoke profound thought.


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