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George Bayer, an esteemed international artist, has left an indelible mark on the global art scene throughout his decades-long career. Influenced by a diverse background spanning the United Kingdom, Cuba, Sicily, Russia, and the USA, his artistic journey has been shaped across continents, including Japan, Russia, Afghanistan, China, Turkey, Taiwan, and Europe.

His formative experiences in Japan during the 80s and 90s propelled him into various roles—from a video artist to a concert stage designer, music producer, music video director, and creator of live fashion shows. Collaborations with Japanese artists and corporations enriched his artistic odyssey.

Bayer's work, spanning five decades of political strife, sacrifice, and resilience, is characterized by bold colors, striking imagery, and a touch of humor. Rooted in the landscapes of Florida, the trends of Asia, the cultural tapestry of Turkey, and the mystique of medieval characters, his art mirrors his lived experiences.

Employing unique techniques like multiple printings and transparent acetate overlays, Bayer creates a vibrant, three-dimensional effect. His "La Chats" series, embracing primary colors and diverse forms, features unconventional expressions of affection, sparking contemplation with juxtapositions and text that forces the observer to look twice and again.


-Robert Rauschenberg

-Laurie Anderson

-Judy Chicago

-Pioneer Japan Interactive Project

-Art Park Lewiston, New York

-San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

-Video Internship at The Interspace Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

-Richard Mock

-JVC Japan


-Agnes Denes

-Interactive kiosk Musée d'Orsay in Paris


Exhibitions and Awards:

William Burroughs ("Spaceman") with Allen Ginsburg and Dr. Timothy Leary

Documentary on China, Robert Rauschenberg's "Rocky Tour"

Solo Ceramic Exhibition, Vaikuntha , Taipei, Taiwan

1st place, Japan JVC Video Festival, Tokyo, Japan

1st place, Ithaca Film and Video Festival, New York

Sony Video Award for Art and Creative Works, Los Angeles

Group Shows, David Byrne Kitchen Gallery, White Towers

One-Man Video Show, The Wave Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Group Video Show, The Interspace Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Sculpture Group Show, Area Club Exhibition, New York

Video in the library/exhibited in The Lux, London

Technicolor Full Grant and Scholarship, Los Angeles

Temple University Tuition Grant and Scholarship, Tyler, PA

National PBS Development Broadcast Award, Public TV, USA

Events & concerts in Tokyo & Paris, Issey Miyake,

EPO, Southern Allstars, Yukihiro Takahashi,

Junko Shimada, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Interactive kiosk video at Musée d'Orsay in Paris

the_gallery_Harajuku solo Exhibition

Vaikuntha solo exhibition

One Taipei 2024 Exhibition

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